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    Published By: Venu Gutta
    Published on: Tuesday 29 October 2019
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    Record Types: By using Record Types we can show multiple page layouts to one user for one object. By using Record types we can control pick list values of object.

    You may have doubt, as we have standard layout we can remove,add and rearrange fields and sections why do we have multiple page layouts.

    As we know by using page layouts we can remove unnecessary fields and we can add required fields. But some times there could be a scenario where we need to show some fields on record layout and those fields are not needed for another type of records. For example if we take Intermediate student, on student object we need to store subject wise Marks information, but Student can do anyone from MPC, BIPC, CEC courses. Each course have different subjects.

    So here we need to create Three page layouts for storing MPC, BIPC, CEC students information. 

    First we need to create fields for storing subject wise marks. Create below fields with field type is Number

    Sanskrit, English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Civics, Economics, Commerce.

    Create following layouts,
    1. MPC Student Layout
    2. BIPC Student Layout
    3. CEC Student Layout

    MPC Student Layout

    SETUP --> OBJECT MANAGER --> Student --> New
    Save. Drag New Section into Layout, update Name as "Marks Information". And Drag Sanskrit, English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry fields to this section like below image and click save.

    Like this create BIPC Student Layout, CEC Student Layouts as well add respective fields to Marks information section.

    Now we are done with creation of Page Layouts. Now we need to create three record types for three layouts.

    Creation of MPC Student Record Type.
    SETUP --> OBJECT MANAGER -->Student--> Record Types
    Step 1. Enter the details: Enter Record Type Label as "MPC Student", Check Active buton and check Enable for Profile checkbox(see below image). 

    Step 2. Assign page layouts: Select radio button "Apply one layout to all profiles"and MPC Student in drop down(see below image). Save

    Like Above steps mentioned Create BIPC Student, CEC Stuent Record Types.

    Now we are done with creation of Page layouts, Record Types creation. Now if you try to create new student record it will ask which type of record we need to create(check below image)

    If We select MPC Student we will see below layout
    If We select CEC Student we will see below layout
    Like how we can show different page layouts for users based on Record type selection

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