• Page Layouts In Salesforce

    Published By: Venu Gutta
    Published on: Tuesday 29 October 2019
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    What is Page Layout: 

    Page layout is nothing but a view that user can see. By using page layouts we can control below things.
    1. Which fields needs to displayed. We can can remove fields if not required on layout.
    2. Order/arrangement of fields
    3. We can create new sections, and can move fields to the section. (ex Address information section)
    4. We can add or remove related lists.
    5. We can add/remove buttons.
    6. We can make field as required and Read only.

    How to customize page Layouts Example:

    SETUP-->OBJECT MANAGER-->Student-->Page Layouts-->Student Layout

    Step 1 : Create New sections with Names (Address Information & Fee Information)
    select section(see below image) and drag into layout.
    step 2: update Section Name as Address Information(see below image). Click ok.
    Step 3: Drag State and city fields to "Address Information" section. (See below image). Click Save.

    Now go to any of Student record or try to create new Student record, you can see Address information section which have State & City fields. Like this we can arrange fields and create new sections by using page layouts.

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