• cognizant-CTS salesforce Interview Questions for Experienced & Freshers

    Published By: Venu Gutta
    Published on: Monday 27 February 2017
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    cognizant-CTS salesforce Interview Questions
    1.Tell me about What is crm life-cycle?
    2.What is lead conversion process and how its helpful in CRM?.
    3.What is SDLC? which methodology you are using?
    4.What is profile and explain profile components in salesforce?
    5. permission sets and explain its uses?
    6.difference between salesforce profile and permission sets
    7.What is workflow rules and briefly explain it? Difference between evaluation criteria created, and every time it’s edited and created & and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet the criteria?
    8.approval process in salesforce and give me one use case?
    9.What is report type?
    10 .Which reports support dashboards
    11 .What are sharing settings in salesforce? 
    12. Difference between summary and matrix report in salesforce?
    13. process builder& need of process builder?
    14.What are escalation rules and briefly explain
    15 .What is soap web service and briefly expalin how you know about that(It depends if you put in resume)
    16. How you can rate yourself in salesforce?
    17. What type of settings you can give in permission sets
    18.What are the technologies available in cloud computing other than salesforce
    19.Why salesforce is more popular?
    20. Difference Between Lookup & Master Detail Relationship in salesforce?
    21.what is web to Lead functionality in salesforce?
    22.What is email to case & web to case in salesforce?
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