• Populate Preselected Checkbox for Records/Rows On LWC Lightning Data Table Using Wrapper Class

    Published By: Venu Gutta
    Published on: Sunday 19 July 2020
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    Populate  Preselected Checkbox for Records/Rows On LWC Lightning Data Table

    Lightning Data Table with Pre populated selected records in Lightning Web Components   

    In some scenarios we need auto populate selected checkbox for records in lightning-datatable on page load. In this post we also covered how to use wrapper class in Lightning web components (LWC).Let's see how to populate preselected rows in LWC data table.

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    We have a key-field attribute in lightning-datatable  tag which is unique for every row in the table and based on this field only we can populate pre selected checkbox in data table. By using "selected-rows" attribute we can set the on load selected records in lightning-datatable, this is a array of unique key-field values. As per the requirements we set this attribute value in code.

    Example for preselected rows/records in LWC data table:

    Display all opportunity records and all these records should be pre selected.

    Step1: Create Apex class: OpportunityController.

    public with sharing class OpportunityController {  
       public static oppWrapper getOpportunityRecords(){  
         oppWrapper ow = new oppWrapper();  
         ow.oppList = [SELECT Id, Name, StageName,Amount From Opportunity LIMIT 100];  
         Set<Id> selectedOppIdSet = new Set<Id>();  
         for(Opportunity opp: ow.oppList){  
         ow.selectedIdSet = selectedOppIdSet;  
         return ow;  
          public class oppWrapper{  
         @AuraEnabled public List<opportunity> oppList {get; set;}  
         @AuraEnabled public set<Id> selectedIdSet {get; set;}  

    Step2: Create New lightning web component: preSelectedLightningDataTable.

    import { LightningElement,track,wire } from 'lwc';
    import getOpportunityList from '@salesforce/apex/OpportunityController.getOpportunityRecords';
    const COLS=[
        {label:'Name',fieldName:'Name', type:'text'},
        {label:'Stage',fieldName:'StageName', type:'text'},
        {label:'Amount',fieldName:'Amount', type:'currency'}
    export default class PreSelectedLightningDataTable extends LightningElement {
        cols = COLS;
        @track preSelectedRows;
            if(result.data) {
                this.preSelectedRows = result.data.selectedIdSet;
            }else if(result.error){

       <lightning-card title="Opportunity Records">  
         <div class="slds-box">  
           <lightning-datatable selected-rows={preSelectedRows}  
           data={oppList} columns={cols} key-field="Id">  

    Output: Data Table with Pre populated selected checkbox records in Lightning Web Components.
    How To Populate  Preselected Checkbox for Records/Rows On LWC Lightning Data Table2
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    1. HI , I tried to preselect rows in lighting data table, it is not working for me, I tried multiple options , nothing seems to workout. Can you please help me.