• What is Cloud Computing?

    Published By: Venu Gutta
    Published on: Sunday 26 March 2017
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    Cloud Computing is the concept of crowd/grouping of unknown resources that are giving for a specific purpose to the user.
    -It is a concept of pay per use of each it service.
    -Cloud computing is a concept of accessing infrastructure, platform and software as a service over the internet by paying the each use of the it services.

    There are three services in cloud computing. They are called cloud services.
    1.IAAS(Infrastructure As A Service): Using infrastructure such as Applications server, Storage server on the internet is called IAAS.

    2. PAAS(Platform As A Service):   It is the concept of using a platform such as any programming language on which an application is built provided as a service over the internet is called PAAS.
    Eg:  Force.com ( The platform used by the sales force).

    3.SAAS(Software As A Service): It is the concept of accessing a software application over the internet is called SAAS.
    Eg: Sales force CRM, MS CRM


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