• Accenture Salesforce Interview Questions

    Published By: Venu Gutta
    Published on: Saturday, 25 February 2017
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    Accenture- Salesforce Interview Questions(Admin, Development, apex, Trigger, Visualforce Pages)

    1. write a trigger on Account , While inserting a text value as 'someName' ended with 'text' ex: 'renuText' On Account Object it should through an error. How you will achieve this...??
    2. How you will write Validation rule for above scenario while inserting the record and Validation rule should not fire while updating form workflow it show be accept.
    3. In one of the object there are two fields called Field1 and Filed2 exist and we have 100,000 records, out of 70,000 record values are equal in field1 and field2. Now Display those 70,000 records on visualforce page.
    4. In an Account Object a field called ‘Sales Person ‘and it has lookup relation with user object.
    If user is selected as salesperson for a record, that user able to see those records, but OWD is private, record owner and admin will not share any records.

    5. Soap & REST Difference and in which format these are used to send and receive.
    6. How you will get the Consume Key and Consumer secrete.
    7. How to get the external ID from other system and update it in Salesforce ExternalID field, if you get null value from other system how you will through an error.
    8. How you will call other services
    9. Why we use @future annotation?
    10. What is asynchronous process and why it is needed?
    11. What is the purpose of using with sharing and without sharing?